Whether your carpets suffered a wild party (or a more innocent spill), or you simply want to make a good impression on visiting friends or family, why not let a professional take care of your carpets? Whether you need a stain-removal and deep carpet cleaning, or a light spruce-up carpet shampoo, Uniqwin offer carpet and upholstery services throughout the Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool areas that are tailored to meet your needs.

Our trustworthy, reliable and professionally trained staff can tackle all sorts of carpets and upholstery, from curtains and sofas, mats and rugs, all the way up to luxury deep pile carpets, cord carpet and more. Uniqwin’s fully vetted staff can clean them all, and always produce outstanding results.

Here is a small sample of cleaning jobs we can do:

• Sofas
• Curtains
• Rugs
• Cushion
• Covers
• Bed Canopies
• Carpets
• Blinds

But why pay professional cleaners, when you could tackle the job yourself?

• It’s often more cost effective – We can handle your cleaning, while you are busy taking care of errands or other responsibilities.
• It takes the stress and worry off you – We have the experience to do the job right, in the most time-efficient manner.
• You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing it will be done properly – Our staff is thoroughly trained to handle even complicated stain removals.
• Not all domestic products do what they say – We use only the best professional-quality cleaning products, specially developed for the task at hand.

Cleaning Tips:

General Fabric Upholstery & Carpet Care

• Rearrange furniture and turn cushions periodically to ensure even wear of the cushions, stuffing, fabric and carpeting.
• Vacuum upholstery, curtains and carpets regularly to remove abrasive dust that can cause permanent soiling and fibre wear.
• Protect fabrics from direct sunlight to prevent fibre degeneration and faded colour.
• Keep pets off the furniture. Animal urine and natural coat oils can create difficult stains.
• Manufacturers and top retailers recommend professional cleaning for upholstery and furnishings every 12-18 months.

General Leather Care

• Prevent gouges and scratches by keeping sharp objects away from leather goods.
• Keep leather furniture at least two feet from radiators or other heat sources.
• Protect fine leather furniture from direct sunlight and other strong lighting.
• Keep leather in a well-ventilated room, as cigar & cigarette smoke, and even cooking fumes, can cause fading and colour change.
• Vacuum and dust leather regularly, to prevent wear from abrasive dirt.

Basic Home Spot & Stain Removal

• Solid stains should be scraped gently off fabric or leather, and lifted from the surface.
• Liquid spills should be immediately blotted up with clean, white absorbent material (paper or fabric towel).
• Treat all stains from the outer edge, working toward the center of the stain.
• Excessive rubbing or pressure can damage fabric: always treat stains as gently as possible.

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