Trespass Management and Traveller Evictions

Traveller eviction and Trespass management services; carried out legally, effectively and without fuss or embarrassment

Traveller Eviction & Trespass Management Services

Travellers trespassing on your premises can cause all kinds of problems for businesses, local authorities, and private property or landowners. UNIQWIN can solve the problem by acting on your behalf, removing travellers that are trespassing on your land.

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How Traveller Eviction Services can benefit your business

It is the land owner’s responsibility to clean-up any mess resulting from trespass incidents

UNIQWIN’s traveller site clean-up services aim to provide every customer with an unparalleled level of service. Our expertise in gypsy camp removal and clean up enables us to handle any and all clean-up needs your situation may require.

We can offer a bespoke service package to cover all clean up needed on your site, including rubbish, human waste and urine. We have experience with all types of vacant land, parks, business properties and carparks throughout the UK.

As a landowner or representative of a landowner in England or Wales, you have the right under common law to remove trespassers from your land. You may give UNIQWIN authority to act on your behalf. Once a signed authority is received, we will work to evict travellers usually within 24 hours.

UNIQWIN will always act in a professional manner and use experienced and licensed officers who know how to appropriately manage an eviction situation. Our trespass travellers eviction team is managed by highly experienced former Senior Police Officers.

As part of our eviction process we will request a simple site map that indicates where the traveller camp has been set up. Before acting, we will notify you of our plan so that you are aware of how we plan to manage the traveller eviction process.

If you have travellers trespassing on your property it is important that you do not do anything that may be considered as a threat to the trespassers on your land. Any threats to their safety or vehicles may compromise our eviction process. For this reason, we also ask you to not return to the site until the travellers have been moved on.

We operate a two-level eviction management process and if the first level is successful you will pay less as the second level would not be required. We will provide you with quote and information before you sign the authority for UNIQWIN to act on your behalf.  

UNIQWIN also operates under a Court Repossession Order Scheme where an application is made to the Court to recover possession of the land from trespassers. Action will only be taken if specifically, authorised by the client. This approach often takes more time and can be more expensive.

If trespassers enter you land or property to camp with tents or other materials or vehicles, UNQWIN will take steps to remove them the same day or within 24 hours

Encroachment is done openly or covertly by creeping onto your land with fences, barriers, planting hedgerows or by other means to take over your land from you, the lawful owner, without the owner’s authority. UNIQWIN can recover the land on your behalf. To do so we would require you to provide us with proof of your ownership before we can act on your behalf.

People leaving abandoned vehicles on your land or using your land for parking can create a myriad of problems for you. We will deal with the problem for you so that your worries are over.

There are several other ways that UNIQWIN can support you with protecting your assets and putting access controls in place to deter return or future camping.  This includes the option of using  a variety of physical barriers and security services to monitor your site.

The physical defence to enter your property or land include temporary or permanent means.  Temporary methods include concrete security blocks and barriers, steel security straps to strengthen concrete barriers, mounding and/ or ditching boundaries and concrete security blocks. 

More permanent fixtures would include security fencing of various types, and heavy boulders implanted on the boundaries. boundary posts in concrete and other options,

If you would like us to monitor your site, for intruders we can offer several options. This includes security guards onsite or visiting mobile patrols, keyholding and alarm response, and CCTV installation and monitoring with audio speakers etc..

We can also provide cleaning and removal services to clear waste and debris from your site after the trespassers have been evicted.

Established in 1997, UNIQWIN is one of the most trusted
Traveller Eviction & Trespass Management Companies in the UK:

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Bespoke Traveller Eviction & Trespass Management from UNIQWIN, to meet the challenges of your industry

Find out how our Traveller Eviction Services can be tailored to meet your individual requirements

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