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Multi-skilled and fully trained SIA Licensed security officers. Our smart security guards pride themselves in delivering a professional and effective service.

Security Guards Services

UNIQWIN provide security guard services across the UK for a wide range of industries to protect your people, premises, and operations. We will service you with full- or part-time security guard personnel for locations of all sizes at any number of your sites, in the city, town or countryside. We will also provide ad hoc security officer support for your in-house security guarding or for sub-contracted situations for other security guarding companies.

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How licensed security officers can benefit your business

Distribution Centres are considered high risk for criminal activity such as theft, fraud, robbery, hijacking, burglary and arson. We use consultants knowledge, combined with the latest technology and very experienced operatives, to protect your operations by undertaking a variety of roles to identify and investigate suspicious behaviour, monitor your premises and act as a visual deterrent.

We have security officers who are specially trained to keep the public safe and to prevent crime in the retail and community services sector. Places such as shopping malls, department stores, banks, retail centres, supermarkets, Jewelers, and DIY/building suppliers, have an ever-present risk of crime. Our security officers working in these areas receive special training to deter, identify and respond to criminal behavior, public order disturbances and aggression.

Industrial sites and factory storage units are high risk for attracting criminal behaviour. This is due to the likelihood of high amounts of stock and valuable raw materials (such as copper and steel) (take out) being stored. The risk to these businesses can come from internal and external sources and having onsite security guards is key for effective crime prevention and detection.

With our team of security guards, you can feel confident that we are your eyes and ears, continuously working to identify security threats and protect the safety of your organisation and the people working in your buildings. We value the human element that comes from having a physical security presence to detect suspicious behaviour or activity. We also have mobile security patrols to check in on your premises after hours

Our security personnel play an important part in a variety of property management situations and solutions, from small to large properties and constructions, and in any type of industry. Whether it’s shopping centres or office, residential or landowner environments, we take on various job roles with appropriately trained and qualified personnel and security guards.

The construction industry has moved on in how they protect their assets and so has the security industry in dealing with this vulnerable situation. Builders are taking more care to control entry to and exit to sites to reduce loss and damage. However, a lot of criminal activity comes from people with legitimate access who need to be monitored to prevent loss on building sites and guards are needed to deal with situations that still occur

At UNIQWIN we are committed to making a difference to security in the public sector, including at local and government locations. Our longstanding working experience with Local Government has given us a complete understanding of the importance of first impressions, and how our security guards play a frontline role in representing Local Authorities, as well as providing baseline security prevention and detection. We understand that our management and security personnel always have to maintain a five-star level of customer service, as we have done over the years.

We work with education providers to ensure the safety and security of all those who attend and protect people and valuable assets on school grounds or campus. We take a preventative approach to ensure that potential risks are identified and managed with onsite security guards. We know from our experience that school sites that are identified as highly vulnerable to terrorists attack require good planning, constant alertness, local knowledge and a positive quick response are vital to reducing the risks.

We work with event organisers to assess security risks and co-operate with you and the organisation team to put plans in place to see your event runs safely and as smoothly as possible. The role of our security guards varies depending on the event type and size. Whether it’s helping to ensure attendees and staff are safe, dealing with incidents, access control, crowd management or protecting assets and grounds; we can provide a solution that best suits your event or make our important contributions to the whole planning team

Our security guards are trained to supply their skills in NHS hospitals and for private healthcare providers. They ensure that your patients, staff and visitors feel safe and hospital employees are able you to focus on what they do best, which is taking care of others. Trained in hospital sensitivities, safety and controls we supply that specific professional support as and when needed.

Our security guards work with emergency services, prisons, and detention centres to support them to do their job. Our role is to provide assistance when dealing with matters that require a different skill set to theirs. We have specifically trained security guards who work in these fields. (With) Having our ex police management, we are one step ahead

We provide high level security guards for petrochemical and mineral exploration operations. Our static and mobile patrol security officers are specially trained to deal with access control monitoring, confrontation from the public and health and safety matters relating to the site. We are well aware of the importance of high-level training for industries of this type, and a high-level grade of security management and guards required for these locations.

At UNIQWIN we are conscious of the need for environmental protection and the issues faced in the countryside, forests, parks and shorelines. We provide professional security, safety, planning and operational assistance to the various landowners and authorities that play a role in the protection of the countryside environment. Particularly around land issues and animal protection. Our objective is to understand your needs and to help in the way that best suits your needs. support you need

People like to be by the seaside, and this brings its particular types of dangers when large crowds are relaxed and, on the move, and enjoying an unfamiliar seaside environment. Where there is tourist there is often the type of people that prey on them and take advantage of the situation. Highly visual guarding can prevent much of this activity.

Our security guards will play a vital role in protecting our airports and transport facilities from threatening events and to reassure the travelling public, employees, and visitors that they are safe. Our selected guards also work as supporting service suppliers to in-house security personnel in these areas. This is to help deter and identify crime and respond as needed.

Established in 1997, UNIQWIN is one of the most trusted
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Bespoke Security Guards from UNIQWIN, to meet the challenges of your industry

Find out how our licensed security officers can be tailored to meet your individual requirements

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