The KeyHolding Company with Alarm Response & Mobile Security Patrols

Professional, reliable and trustworthy – these are qualities you want when engaging a security service to manage your keyholding and respond to alarm alerts. Look no further than UNIQWIN.

The KeyHolding Company with Alarm Response & Mobile Security Patrols Services

Our keyholding services means that we hold a set of keys to your commercial premises in a secure, off-site location. This enables our guards to respond when your alarm alerts them to an incident and they are able to enter your property to investigate.

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How key holder services can benefit your business

It is important that unoccupied business properties are checked on a regular basis to deter trespassers, vandalism, and theft.

Our mobile security patrols visit regularly to conduct a variety of checks inside and outside the building. This includes non-security related checks, on things like running water outlets (to prevent legionnaires disease risk), and they conduct other proactive assessments.

Our security guards and other personnel will listen carefully to your requirements have experience to do the work you require doing.

We provide a mobile security patrol service that sees our security guards carry out ad hoc visits to your premises. This is ideal for commercial or industrial properties that do not have on-site security officers present on the premises after office hours.

These ad hoc mobile security patrol visits give an unpredictable element that deters criminal activity. Whilst your intruder alarm and CCTV systems are very good, having the possibility of a human presence will make your property a less attractive target. For example, criminals may decide to take a chance by activating the alarm knowing that they have time to get in and out before police or security arrive.

However, having the possibility of a mobile security guard arriving at any moment makes it a riskier endeavour. This is a great example of how technology and human security elements work together to provide an effective deterrent to criminal activity.

As part of our keyholding service, we provide a lock-down and open-up service for commercial premises. This greatly reduces the risks from having an employee (or number of employees) take on this responsibility. It also deters criminals, from taking advantage of this vulnerable time, to force the first or last person at the premises to let them in.

Having a UNIQWIN mobile security guard do the lock-down or open-up for you, gives you peace of mind that it has been done correctly and ensures the safety of your employees and assets.

UNIQWIN provide mobile security guards as escorts for deliveries and collections to reduce the risk when moving around valuable assets. In these situations, the person carrying the assets and the vehicle transporting them, is also at risk of being targeted.

Because we only ‘escort’ and do not have full responsibility for the valuables we can keep the cost down.

Burglars may ignore alarm alerts, but having a mobile security vehicle on route to deal with, is an excellent deterrent.

Therefore, we are seeing more business premises and residential property owners requesting mobile security patrols and alarm response as part of their security package.

For businesses, this also means that managers or employees are not burdened with the responsibility of getting out of bed in the middle of the night to respond to an alarm alert. It also removes the risk to their safety, should their arrival disturb potential criminal activity.

Highrise buildings have their own security and safety issues and peculiarities be they residential, commercial or public buildings. Some have single organisational  occupancy and others multi occupied.  The security and safety issues differ from one to another.  We provide a bespoke approach to high rise buildings making sure we are aware of all the potential security issues and how to deal with them.  We work in close collaboration with the client to make sure that we are aware of the culture of the occupants and how best to deal with the variety of issues that may arise.

Not every organisation has internal security to deal with issues that may arise in house, but are not worthy or desirable for police or public attention. Our mobile security officers provide reassurance by being present or on standby to prevent (or deal with) unpredictable situations that may cause you concern. It may prevent safety or security concerns getting out of hand simply to have security officer present or on standby. Our mobile personnel can be there by arrangement, or respond to an imminent or actual disturbance or troublesome matter that has unexpectedly occurred or may be expected to occur once you are off the premises.  Sometimes is just a matter of escorting dismissed or ex-employees or customers or intruders that you require to leave your premises.

When a fire alarm is activated at your premises out of business hours, it is more often than not a false alarm that can easily be dealt with by having the premises checked and the alarm reset. Our mobile alarm response service can do this for you. In the event of a fire alarm that requires a visit by the fire service, our mobile personnel can provide the necessary access to the emergency services. 

We assist Local authorities, organisations, schools and commercial premises, by checking and locking or opening up at the appropriate times. This service also extends to turning out to the property to respond to emergency situation where someone has accidentally been locked in.  We can provide ad hoc or planned mobile security patrols of perimeters or internal security and safety checks.  

Sometimes an occasional check of the premises or area is enough to provide peace of mind and a deterrent to would be offenders. We carry out ad hoc or arranged and monitored mobile security patrol visits to carry out safety or security checks during a set time window. These can also be useful to watch for other potential dangers such as flood or fire.

We can also provide access control for authorised people such as out of hours contractors, or so that cleaners do not have the risk of opening up or locking down in the early morning or late at night. This is a big risk to the building occupants as it is a vulnerable time when offenders can get into a building through an open door by compromising the cleaners.

Established in 1997, UNIQWIN is one of the most trusted
The KeyHolding Company with Alarm Response & Mobile Security Patrols Companies in the UK:

The KeyHolding Company with Alarm Response & Mobile Security Patrols: FAQs

If you have an alarm system of any kind, and that alarm system is connected to an Alarm Monitoring Centre, sometimes known as an ARC, the Alarm Monitoring Centre will notify the keyholder who you have engaged to response to your alarm, when it is activated.  If this is a security company keyholder like UNIQWIN they take your keys from their safe to attend to the activated alarm and check your premises for intruders or any sign of a problem.  After a satisfactory check, the alarm will be reactivated, and premises will be secured to its former situation.

UNIQWIN can monitor your alarm and respond with key holding and call out service.

This is when a security keyholder holds your access keys, alarm fobs etc. to your premises. They are held, in a state of the art safe in readiness for an alarm alert for any occasion when an intruder alarm, fire alarm, panic alarm or other alert, is triggered for any reason.  The security keyholder will respond by taking your keys to access your premises to check if there is anything untoward occurring there. If so, they will act accordingly.  The alarm will be reset, and the keys returned to the safe.

Holding your keys etc. allows for the security company to support your business or home on many levels, for call out to an intruder alarm, fire alarm, alarm, respond if your primary keys or lost or stolen, call out when you are away to actions things that need doing, on lock and lock up your premise. Also, they can carry out ad hoc or fixed time checks on your premises, remove parcels  and many other services.

The keys, fobs etc. are locked into a state of the art biometric safe at UNIQWIN.  Only a limited number of  Senior Supervisors can access the keys in the safe.  Every time your keys are withdrawn it is automatically recorded in the safe with the time and date and who dealt with it.  The keys are audited on a regular basis and the audit is recorded and accredited.  When withdrawn to attend your premises the keys are locked in a security vehicle safe until they reach the target premises.  After being used at the premises they are returned in the same way to the biometric safe and are auto recorded.

All front-end security guards and company directors must hold a Security Industry Licence. Security guards must be officially trained, pass an exam and be vetted for criminal records. To be an approved contractor, is about the security company, not the individual’s licence. 

Not all security companies are approved by the SIA, as they don’t have to be. Those that are, undergo stringent accreditation every year and if they pass, are Approved SIA Contactors. Annual success in accreditation show that the company maintains SIA standards and British Standards related to them.

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