Guard Dogs, Detection & Sniffer Dogs - Warrington, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, UK

Guard Dogs, Detection & Sniffer Dogs across Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Liverpool / Merseyside and the UK

Handler and dog are uniquely paired for specific purposes or general duties. 

Working dogs have been around for a long time and their use is continually developing.

Guard dogs for the protection of property assets and perimeter and access control.

Mobile Security dog unit – dog and handler with vehicle providing the extra dimension.

Search dogs or sniffer dogs trained to find drugs, explosives, bodies, and many other items.

Tracker dogs trained to follow a track from the scene of a crime.

Public order dogs trained to deter offenders from disorder and crowd control.

Crime prevention dogs protecting property

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 Guard Dogs, Detection & Sniffer Dogs

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Guard Dogs, Detection & Sniffer Dogs are available across the UK, including Greater Manchester, Salford, Cheshire, Liverpool & Merseyside, Warrington, elsewhere in the North West