Crime adds to your costs and upsets your staff and customers.

With appropriate awareness you can safeguard your business against crime. Any business plagued by problems of internal or external theft can substantially improve its profits by instituting an effective security programme.

There can be a large difference between managements perception of the importance of security and the reality.

A comprehensive independent security risk assessment carried out by Uniqwin will highlight this reality.

Sectors we work in

Uniqwin is an independent company providing a range of consultation services to clients throughout the U.K. Uniqwin has successfully served clients from the following sectors:

  • Industry
  • Commerce
  • Public sector including public utility companies
  • The liquor licensing trade
  • The legal sector
  • Corporations
  • Private land owners.

Assessing your Security Risks

Identifying your Risks:

Assessing the risk of crime and / or loss of assets. What are the existing and potential security risks to your business?

Assessing your Physical Security:

Assessing the effectiveness of your perimeter fences / boundaries, your security systems and your man / guarding patrols?

Security of staff:

Are there any risks to the security of staff?

Information & Communications Systems:

Are your communication and information handling systems safe and efficient? How secure are your electronic systems? Have you planned for Business Continuity (disaster recovery)

Evolving Security Systems:

If the risks to your business change then your systems also need to adapt. We can help to update your present security systems

Establishing and Implementing a Security Policy

We design policies from scratch, or implement improvements to existing policies.

We advise on specific procedures for increased security and their integration into your business.

Establishing Programmes

Any changes that have been implemented in a business need to be monitored to ensure their effectiveness. Security is no different. Uniqwin will help to evaluate whether the changes have been successfully integrated.

Use of Security Contractors

Planning toward the most effective and economic use of security contractors

Securing sites, land, buildings and boundaries

We offer a range of permanent and temporary security products. We have extensive expertise in the subject of boundary protection for land or buildings.  We can also deal with public footpath right of way issues when footpaths create crime risk. Including other environmental security risk issues