Emergency Security Operatives:
0800 526 366
(All calls are monitored for training and quality purposes)
Emergency Security Operatives:
0800 526 366
(Calls are monitored for training and quality purposes)

Appointing a Security Guard Company

As there are many security guard companies available to you, its important you choose one that offers a quality, professional and reliable service. Below are important points to consider when selecting a Security Guard Company

Security guard company based in Warrington provides clients in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire with professional and cost effective security guard services to protect your assets.

Security Guard Company North West

As there are many security guard companies available to you its important you choose one that offers a quality, professional and reliable service.  Having poor security on your premises can implement many problems for you and your premises. The following matters should be taken into consideration when choosing a Security Guard Company:

SIA Approved Contractor

Is the supplier registered on the SIA web site as an ACS Approved Contractor?  Some may mislead you by saying the have SIA licensed officers, however this is not this same.  To comply with British Standards approved contractors are stringently audited every year to check if they are doing their job properly.  This is done for your benefit as a customer.

Price challenge

In some cases security guard companies have been found to undercut prices against their competitors to ensure they get the work.  The danger in accepting the lowest price is poor quality of service and a lack of adequate security for you business.  There is a danger of low cash payments to officers as they tend to avoid tax and insurance payments.  The service may be inadequate with little management and supervisory support.  The lack of integrity may show in activities such as ‘Ghosting’ which means making false invoice claims for officers who are not on site or making required visits to the site. Make sure you are paying for a quality security company and your getting the most from your money.

Insurance cover

Does  the supplier produce a current copy of their public liability, indemnity, employee insurance and other insurance you may need for your situation?  Does the amount covered satisfy your needs?

Health and safety

Your security guard company should be able to produce a company Health and Safety Policy & Statement. You should also check if they have been accepted by one of the major standards providers.

Credit checking

Will your supplier come out credible in a credit check?  It could cause you problems if the company went into administration whilst supplying your services.

HR professional

Does the supplier employ a Human Resources Manager that knows how to manage TUPE, that of transferring incumbent officers on site to the new supplier and other personnel issues? The law gives incumbent officers the right to stay on that site even when the security company changes.

Robustness, consistency in resources

Your supplier should be in a position to ensure that they will always be able to supply your officer requirement, even during sickness absence, holidays etc.  Do they have the resources to do that? Ask them to prove it.

Proving their activities

If you was to ask your security company how can they prove they will adhere to what they have promised as part of their services, they should be able to respond with a good answer involving the use of independent technology. This can prove the companies activities when working on your premises. Other evidence should also be backed up and resistant to being tampered with.

One stop shop

Most people like to deal with just one supplier when it comes to various aspects of security and front end personnel. So you might expect to have security guards, key holders, receptionist, concierge, traffic marshals, banks men, CCTV installation and monitoring security barriers, gates and a security consultant from the same supplier.  We can provide all these services to you.

Advice on security personnel

Here at UNIQWIN UK Ltd, we can provide you with free, no obligation advice on your requirements for security and we can check your current supplier against out criteria.

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