Corporate and Office Security Services

Our team of professional security personnel carry out a variety of roles in corporate environments

Security Services for Corporate & Commercial

Our team of professional security personnel carry out a variety of roles in corporate environments. We can oversee and manage the coordination of all functions concerned with security, continuity, and safety.

We provide a high level of service that protects and detects any activity that poses a risk to your organisation.  We take a strategic approach to effective security management and align this with what is important to your organisation. We ensure we fully understand your goals and how your organisation operates. This means we can provide the highest level of security and protection from internal and external threats.

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Established in 1997, UNIQWIN is one of the most experienced Security Firms
in the UK, delivering bespoke solutions to clients in the Corporate & Commercial industry

Security guard in retail
Security Guards
The training our officers undergo meets SIA requirements and we include on-site specific training to comply with our ...
The KeyHolding Company with Alarm Response & Mobile Security Patrols
This gives you and your employees peace of mind that, if the alarm is activated, our team will ...
Technology Installations & Monitoring
UNIQWIN provides a full range of CCTV and technology solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of ...
Crime Risk Consultancy
We’ve been providing quality security services across the UK for over 20 years, working at the frontline to ...
Traveller Evictions, trespass management Corporate and Office Security Services
Traveller Eviction & Trespass Management
Traveller Eviction on your behalf As a landowner or representative of a landowner in England or Wales, you ...
Cleaning and Hygiene Services & Products
UNIQWIN provides trained and trusted cleaning crews that can be relied on to get the job done and ...
Outsourced Personnel
We have an excellent and unique system that is well proven in our company and works to the ...
car park management Corporate and Office Security Services
Car Park Management
UNIQWIN provides you with services to address your car park security and management concerns. Whether you need CCTV ...
Concrete barriers supply, installation and relocation for Corporate and Office Security Services
Concrete & Rock Security Barriers & Products
Concrete barriers or blocks are a multi-purpose product that provide the ultimate facility, defence, or containment solution. Whether ...
Electronic security solutions alarms Corporate and Office Security Services
Electronic Security Solutions
Technical services, like CCTV, are one of the fastest growing sectors in the security business and the speed ...
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