Taxi Marshal Services

We provide Taxi Marshals that are experienced in operating at Secure Taxi Ranks to provide a safe and secure environment for people wanting to access taxis, to ease traffic congestion and prevent problems between potential passengers trying to queue jump. With the use of our Taxi Marshal Services passengers can feel confident that they can access a taxi safely and hassle free.  Taxi drivers can feel happier knowing that customers will be seeking only licensed taxis.

Visible Uniformed Marshals

Our Taxi Marshals wear highly visible uniforms and are experienced in crowd control and dealing with confrontations.

Passenger Confidence

Passengers can be confident that the taxi cars are fully licensed and insured which removes the risk of flagging down unlicensed vehicles

Orderly Behaviours

At any of the secure taxi rank locations passengers are expected to queue in an appropriate and orderly manner.  The taxi Rank Marshals will allocate passengers to taxis.  Good lighting signage and street furniture will make secure taxi ranks even better.

Abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards taxi marshals, security guards or other patrons waiting in the secured taxi rank queue will not be tolerated.  People who behave in this manner will be asked to leave the rank and the police will be called if the case continues with abusive or inappropriate behaviour

Hours of Cover

The taxi marshal would work normally between the hours of to or until the queue is cleared, operating on Fridays and Saturdays.

Code of Practice

To ensure fairness and civility there is a Code of Practice for Marshals to follow and a complaints procedure.

Helping to make a safe place to enjoy a night out

The Scheme would form an important part of the partnership approach to street problems which aim to make a safer place for those who want to come and enjoy the vibrant and dynamic night life. It would provide more customers for late night businesses as people will come to town at night if it is safe.

Services provided  All UK including Warrington, Merseyside, Widnes, St Helens, , Rhyl, Blackburn, Ellesmere Port, Rochdale, Lancashire, Knowsley, Sefton, Wirral, Manchester, Bolton, Chester, Liverpool, Salford, Shrewsbury, Bristol, Cardiff, Stoke on Trent, Crewe, Stockport, Runcorn and Birkenhead