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As one of the UK's leading cross-industry security providers, we are a trusted supplier of security services in Guildford and across the UK

UNIQWIN is one of the most reliable Security Companies in Guildford

Established in 1997, UNIQWIN has gained a reputation for integrity and professionalism, delivering bespoke security solutions to business throughout Guildford and the surrounding area. Being SIA accredited for security guarding and keyholding,  UNIQWIN is able to offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective, practical security services to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

To ensure that the solution meets your exact requirements, UNIQWIN offers a free, no obligation Crime Risk Consultation

Static & mobile security guards
Fully vetted for at least 5 years
Industry focus
Competitive rates and quality services

Security Guards - Manned Guarding

UNIQWIN supplies multi-skilled, fully trained and SIA Licensed Security Guards to businesses in and around Guildford. Our security officers are professional, smart and effective - trained on-site to your exact requirements. 

Manned Security Guarding is a highly effective security solution, protecting your premises, personnel and customers / visitors. Our fully trained Static Security Guards act as an effective deterrent to potential threats, providing immediate onsite security whenever an issue arises. Their multi-purpose role can extend beyond security desk, to include duties such as foot patrols, reception, banksmen, CCTV Observation.

security guarding services Guildford

Mobile Security Patrols, Key Holding & Alarm Response

UNIQWIN is a licensed key holding company providing professional, skilled and experienced key holding staff that have been fully trained to attend your alarms, emergencies or other requirements throughout Guildford. 

You can trust our team to keep your keys stored In a state of the art biometric security safe that provides a computer record every time your keys are used. All response vehicles are equipped with trackers. The typical services that we offer include

Mobile Security Patrols

In addition to key holding related services, our Mobile Patrol Security Services are a very flexible and cost effective way of delivering both ad hoc, on demand and scheduled security services such as: 

CCTV Installation, Maintenance & Remote Monitoring

UNIQWIN provides a full range of CCTV and technology solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of commercial businesses in Guildford. We install, monitor, and maintain CCTV technology systems to effectively deter and respond to security and other  incidents in real time.

The presence of CCTV security deters criminal behaviour and minimises intruder trespassing, damage to property, injury and loss of stock. Our professional security consultants work closely with in-house security teams in Guildford and surrounding areas, to provide on-site and remote CCTV monitoring, with 24/7, year-round maintenance support.

Our technology monitoring services for Guildford include

CCTV installation & monitoring Guildford
Traveller Evictions, trespass management Guildford

Trespass Management & Traveller Evictions Guildford

Travellers trespassing on your premises can cause all kinds of problems for businesses, local authorities, and private property or landowners. Trespasser removal needs to be dealt with carefully, and within the law. UNIQWIN can solve the problem by acting on your behalf to evict trespassing travellers.

UNIQWIN will always act in a professional manner and use experienced and licensed officers who know how to appropriately manage a traveller eviction situation. Our Guildford-based trespass travellers response team team is managed by highly experienced former Senior Police Officers.

Professional Building & Facilities Management Services for Guildford

Premises invariably come with a number of responsibilities that are well outside the scope of your main business. UNIQWIN offer a range of services that allow clients to focus on their core business, knowing that these functions are taken care of in the most professional manner

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commercial outsourcing reception for Guildford

Outsourced Personnel

Outsourcing can be full-time roles or support roles for absent employees. There are a variety of jobs that can be outsourced. The personnel we can supply include front of house receptionists, administration and property management. Cleaning & maintenance personnel, security, grounds management & landscaping personnel. can form part of the whole total package. UNIQWIN can help businesses in Guildford by providing the right person for the role. 

car park management Guildford

Car Park Management

Talk to us about how we can make your car park in Guildford more secure and make management of these areas more efficient. We offer a range of solutions to meet your commercial, HGV and special event parking need. UNIQWIN installs, monitor, and maintain CCTV technology systems to effectively deter and respond to security and other incidents in real time.

Buy or rent security barriers and products in Guildford

When chosen carefully, the security barriers and electronic security systems that are in place can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your on-site security. Having these installed and maintained professionally, will mean that you have peace of mind, and that you are getting the most from your investment. UNIQWIN provide a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service in Guildford and the wider area 

Concrete barriers supply, installation and relocation for Guildford

Concrete Barriers and Products - Guildford - Supply and Maintenance

Security barriers can be used in a variety of situations including but not limited to blocking entrances, securing perimeters, limiting access to vehicles, securing road works, banking or docking next to waterways and providing foundations for temporary construction. Products include

Electronic security solutions alarms Guildford

Electronic Security Solutions - Guildford - Installation & Maintenance

Effective, integrated and automated on-site electronic solutions tailored to meet the specific security requirements of each client. We offer our clients a wide range of state of the art electronic systems and alternative remotely monitored electronic solutions


Every industry has it's own challenges, and when it comes to security solutions, one size does not fit all. With our vast industry knowledge, and also taking into account regional variations, UNIQWIN provides bespoke solutions for businesses in all industries in and around Guildford

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