Uniqwin prides itself on how quickly we can respond to your need for concrete barriers. We provide a perimeter security (and safety) consultation service and have short and long term rental agreements available to fulfil your needs. We also sell new and used barriers. We buy back, provide storage, re locate barriers or move them temporarily. We also recover unwanted units.

Our barriers are the same as those seen on motorways. Their dimensions are:

  • Length 3 metres; Height 0.8 metres; Width 0.45 metres. Nominal Weight 2600kg

Barriers can be bolted together if needed, for extra security and weight.

All units are manufactured with a mass design strength conforming with grade C50/60 of BS EN 206 1/BSb 8500. Can absorb an impact from a car at 50mph.

These specifications make the concrete barriers the ideal solution in a variety of situations, including:

  • Blocking entrances to vacant land, or premises
  • Securing perimeters to protect land from trespassers
  • Limiting access to vehicles
  • Securing road works
  • Safety barriers for weak or damaged walls/bridges
  • Staging – to support heavy materials or sets
  • Banking or docking next to waterways.
  • Instant foundations for temporary construction
  • TVCBs provide a rapid solution for separating all forms of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Concrete barriers & after sales service

Uniqwin after-sales service is second to none. When you choose to buy or rent barriers from Uniqwin, we can also arrange for:

  • Delivery – to any site in the UK
  • Relocation – moving or stacking
  • Safety markings
  • Storage of barriers on a long or short term basis.
  • Bolting or strapping – barriers can be fitted together for extra security.
  • Additional Supply of barriers within hours

We buy back, provide storage, re-locate barriers or move them temporarily as well as recover unwanted units.