Whilst employees are often your greatest asset to your business, occasionally they can also represent your greatest risk.

When suspicion is aroused, many businesses choose to monitor their employees in a covert way. This action will contain the risk and remove doubt.

Variety of discreet techniques

We can carry out discreet technical surveillance in the appropriate location and context. Uniqwin can work at short notice to respond to your needs. By using a variety of techniques and technical equipment we often achieve success and solve your problems in a much shorter time than with other types of investigation.


We gather evidence to prove the activity of the subject.

We provide a written log of events as they occur, a full written report of the actions and photographic or video evidence.

When necessary we can provide written proof of evidence and attend a Hearing, Tribunal or Court to provide the evidence to prove the case.

Technical surveillance:

With use of hidden or disguised cameras and audio


The operative is engaged in a working or social environment.

Gathering evidence to illustrate false claims.

This is done by use of video camera, logging events, and statements of truth.

Covert sound recording for collection of intelligence, and debugging as a prevention service.

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