Industry Focused Services

With a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries, UNIQWIN are in an ideal position to advise on the right services for your organisation

Local, industry-focused Services

UNIQWIN offer a comprehensive range of Security & Facility Services and products, tailored to the specific needs of your business


Retail & Community Security Service Centre

Our security officers are trained to always remain alert and respond. This includes dealing with criminal behaviour, public disturbances, health, and safety issues (including Covid-19...

Distribution & Logistics Security Officers

These operations are considered high risk for criminal activity such as theft, fraud, robbery, hijacking, burglary, and arson. This is due to the value of...

Corporate and Office Security Services

We value independent thinking and a willingness to challenge assumptions and behaviours and be innovative in our approach to security. We use the latest technologies...
industrial machinery

Industrial & Manufacturing & Utilities Security

Utilities have their own types of crime risk situations. Sometimes their remote sites are vulnerable to Criminal Damage, trespass by itinerants, camping, unauthorised grazing, theft...

Local Government & Public Sector Security

At UNIQWIN we are committed to making a difference to security in the public sector, including at local and government locations. Our long-standing working experience...

Events, Exhibitions, Entertainment – Stadia & Venues

We know that every event is different, and we have a range of services to customise our packages. Whatever the size of your event, private...

Property Management Services

In the current environment it is challenging to manage multiple properties, especially if they are vacant or remotely located. We provide a cost-effective service that...

Construction & Engineering Security Services

Building and construction sites require specialist security services to secure the area and protect equipment and personnel. These sites are vulnerable to a range of...

Education – Schools & Campus Security

We work with each education provider to assess areas of risk and develop a solution that protects your people, assets, and information. The extra precautions...

Maritime, Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality

Security for high risk areas such as ports, harbours and docks requires a strategic approach to manage these busy areas. It’s about protecting the cargo,...

NHS & Private Healthcare Officers

NHS establishments, hospitals and healthcare providers face high levels of crime due to the open accessibility of these spaces, with many people coming and going...

Emergency Services Support, Prisons & Detention Centres

Our support includes receptionist work, traffic controls, searching locations, guarding scenes of crime, assisting with witnesses, guarding prisoners, custody assistance, customer care, transportation of people...

Petrochemical & Mineral Exploration Security Officers

We are experienced with working at petrochemical and mineral exploration sites, and understand the security risks associated with this area. Our static and mobile patrol...

Environment, Forestry & Countryside – Rural Crime

The countryside and rural crime Our countryside in the UK is rich with natural beauty and an appealing option for people wanting to escape the...

Aviation, & Transport Security Officers

UNIQWIN can provide private security solutions for variety of roles that include searching passengers checking passenger documentation controlling traffic customer services reception services custody situations...
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