What to do when someone gets hold of your bank details

If a company you use has their site hacked, your personal details may fall into the wrong hands. They could then be used to try and get into your bank account or defraud you later.

What you can do:

  • Check your bank account– To look for any odd transactions or other changes you did not make.  If you spot anything unusual your bank or building society right away.
  • Find out if your details have been stolen– The company should let you know if your details have been stolen.  But if you do not hear anything, you can contact them to find out.

If you find out your details have been stolen, you should:

  • Contact your bank or building society– Do this right away and they will help to secure your bank account.
  • Change your password– For the account you have with the company.
  • Change your security questions– If someone has your personal details it may help them to guess any security questions you may use.
  • Check the account you have with the company– To make sure nobody has used it or changed your details.
  • Contact Action Fraud– They can help you to report a crime or give general advice. Action Fraud collects data from across the UK to help banks and other businesses combat fraud.

You may also want to join a trusted credit agency. They can tell if a credit check is made in your name. And you could also register with CIFAS. This could help to protect you and stop fraudsters using your details to apply for products or services in your name.

After you have taken these steps, you still need to look out for:

  • Scam messages– Fraudsters may try to use your details against you. Do not reply to any unexpected texts or emails. And do not click on any links or attachments as they could send a virus.
  • Scam calls– If you get an unexpected call do not give any personal or banking details. If you are not sure, hang up. You can always call back from a number you trust.
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