Officers under investigation after fatal shooting of an unarmed man in Culcheth

Police officer

SIX police officers are set to be investigated for misconduct over the fatal shooting of an unarmed man in Culcheth.

Anthony Grainger died at the age of 36 after being gunned down by armed units from Greater Manchester Police as he sat behind the wheel of a stolen Audi on a car park on Jackson Avenue in March 2012.

David Totton, and one of his vehicle’s passengers had been under investigation by GMP for some weeks over their suspected involvement in a string of robberies on business premises.

And it was revealed that three new investigations will be launched into the conduct of six officers over the incident.

A former assistant chief constable, a former superintendent and a former chief inspector, all now retired from the force, will be investigated for gross misconduct regarding their command and control of the operation leading up to Mr Grainger’s death.

A second investigation will look at GMP’s acquisition of a CS dispersal canister, not approved by the Home Office, which was used during the operation.

And a former chief inspector and inspector, who are also retired, and a serving police officer will be investigated for gross misconduct.

IOPC regional director Amanda Rowe said: “The public inquiry raised further questions about the conduct of some GMP officers before, during and after the death of Mr Grainger.

The force referred itself to the IOPC after the conclusion of an inquiry last year, which exposed ‘serious deficiencies’ in the planning and conduct of the operation by senior officers.

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