Newsagents Ram-Raided For Cash Machine

Manchester businesses may want to consider investing in concrete barriers to help protect their premises after hearing how one newsagents in Essex was ram-raided by a gang in a forklift truck intent on making off with the cash machine.

Onlookers said that the men smashed their truck into the front of the shop on Roydon High Street at least 30 times before the wall collapsed, with the gang disappearing with the cash machine in a pick-up truck and a 4×4, the Evening Standard reports.

The machine was later discovered damaged but unopened, with Essex police now calling for anyone with information to come forward to aid their investigation.

“It seems that the thieves had planned to hide the ATM, truck and car off a farm track but thanks to the information received from the public we were able to find the cash machine and vehicles before the suspects could return,” Detective Inspector Greg Wood said.

The installation of concrete barriers in front of your shop can do a lot to help prevent this type of crime. Not only can they make it very difficult for prospective burglars to enter in the first place but they can also act as a deterrent. If robbers see them in situ they may well not even think about targeting your business.

Make sure you carry out a survey of your property to see if there are any vulnerable areas that could make it easier for ram raids to occur. Call a professional security company to come out and do a risk assessment to help you in this regard.

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