CCTV systems and installation services from Uniqwin who offer professional security services to clients in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and Warrington.

With a competitive market for CCTV you will find suppliers and installers will offer you a variety of prices. Low priced equipment can mean poor quality and installation which can result in long term costs for yourself as the security you have purchased is inadequate. Here at Uniqwin we provide you with:

  • Only quality systems
  • Free operational effectiveness survey carried out
  • Installation appropriate to your needs and budget
  • Highly skilled engineers
  • Integrated effective electronic solutions
  • Good quality images on CCTV
  • On and off site monitoring
  • Mobile security emergency response
  • Effective maintenance & after sales service
  • Payment plans arranged
  • On site Tannoy systems

Operational Effectiveness Survey (OES)

If you are looking to update your current CCTV surveillance system it is essential you have a full Operational Effectiveness Survey (OES) carried out by one of our professional security consultants beforehand. This will ensure you only purchase what is necessary and your installation complies with your budget and requirements. The survey will also ensure the quality of the installation ‘fits’ your particular on site circumstances and the system is fully integrated with all other security on your site.

Carrying out an OES is absolutely necessary in order for you to benefit from your new CCTV surveillance system.

The quality of CCTV products and installation is critically important, if you find the system to have poor quality images and regular breakdown failures this will be a complete waste of investment. Check the quality of the system before you agree to buy or accept a quotation.

Uniqwin will only use quality equipment and highly skilled installers.  We can show the different systems and prices available and once we have carried out the OES survey we can identity what system is needed for your premises. We believe in honesty and quality against price. We are interested in building long term relationships with our customers not short term.

We provide you with effective electronic solutions that can be tailored to meet your requirements. We have a wide range of state of the art electronic systems including CCTV video surveillance, intruder alarm systems, access control systems and other systems for integration into your security scheme.

After sales

We offer a complete service including after sales care and full maintenance system to meet your on going requirements and needs.

Payment Plans

Payment plans can be arranged on any system you decide to purchase. We can also add any security services you have with us to your payment plan. We can arrange payments plans for systems including temporary CCTV, off site system operation monitoring, automated concierge service, compliant intruder fire alarm systems, video surveillance access controls and Tannoy audio loudspeakers

We can provide our services and products across the United Kingdom including Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Lancaster, Telford, Heswall, Hereford, Warrington, Wythenshawe, Worsley, Warwick, Northwich, Middlewich, Wigan, Widnes, Runcor,n Morecambe, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Birkenhead, Bury, Burnley and Wirral.