Automated Access Controls are an effective way of reducing risks in your premises as they control things like your heating, water, electrics, barriers, alarms, doors etc. Uniqwin offer this to clients as part of their CCTV off site monitoring services for clients in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire.

Advanced technology has literally ‘opened the doors’ to remote off site operation for access to sites and business premises. The remote off site operation for gates, doors, car park barriers and systems can now perform actions such as switching on lighting, heating, water and air conditioning which can reduce the risks on your site.

The same entry systems can be used during the working day with self entry by employees who are provided with access fobs. The identity of all who enter can be identified by the system. These Combined with:

  • automated number plate recognition which can identify drivers of vehicles.
  • audio communication intercom systems to communicate directly with people.
  • CCTV pan tilt and zoom systems Watching  for ‘tailgating’ and concealment in buildings.
  • emergency mobile response vehicle where a security officer can be on site within minutes.
  • Tannoy systems can verbally warn intruders to remove themselves from the site.
  • Panic alarm systems provide a quick response from our security patrols or if appropriate the emergency services
  • Fence sensors will trigger off response action and strengthens your front line defences.
  • Automated concierge service for reception areas  

Automated concierge service

The systems enables a off site remote concierge system to be operated effectively.

Barrier Monitoring

There can be complete control over anyone attempting to enter premises.  

Monitoring movement

GPS technology can monitor the movement of all vehicles and off site monitoring will enable you to take action at the time of incidents occurring. CCTV & Integrated systems for the United Kingdom, areas including Flint Flintshire, Gwynedd Lancaster Manchester Telford, Heswall Hereford, Warrington Wythenshawe Worsley Warwick Northwich, Middlewich Cheshire. Liverpool Wigan, Widnes, Runcorn Morecambe, Blackpool Fleetwood, Birkenhead, Bury, Burnley, Wirral.