CCTV off site monitoring services in Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Cheshire, Merseyside, Wigan, Widnes, Runcorn, Halton, Northwich, Bolton, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Chester, Bury, Stockport, Oldham, Wythenshawe, Prestwich, Altrincham, Wilmslow, Birkenhead, Leigh, Stretford, Trafford Park, Rochdale, Skelmersdale, Salford, Winsford, Middlewich, Kirkby, Blackburn and all surrounding areas within the North West from Uniqwin.

CCTV Operational Effectiveness Survey (OES)

We offer potential customers a full free Operational Effectiveness Survey which is carried out by one of our professional security consultants and will evaluate what CCTV system is necessary for your security needs. We will also source the most suitable CCTV system that meets your requirements and budgets. We ensure that the quality of the installation ‘fits’ your on-site circumstances, and the system integrates fully with all other security systems on site.

Invest In Quality

You will find when searching for your new CCTV system, there are many suppliers who offer a range of prices so it’s important to find a supplier who is honest, professional and has a good background to ensure the equipment works and parts will be available for future reference if anything was to break.

Short term gains on low priced equipment and poor installation can mean long term headaches and higher costs.

Quality CCTV products and installation is critically important and will provide long term benefits.

Other Electronic Solutions

Uniqwin will provide you with effective, integrated and automated on-site electronic solutions which are tailored to your requirements. We also offer alternative remotely monitored electronic solutions. We have a wide range of state of the art electronic systems including CCTV video surveillance, intruder alarm systems, access control systems, automated number plate recognition, panic alarm systems, fence sensors and automated concierge service. For integration of your security system we provide tannoy and audio warnings, plus other systems.

Payment Plans

Payment plans can be arranged for any security equipment you purchase. These can also be combined with your payments for guarding or other services where necessary.

After Sales

We provide after sales care to meet your ongoing needs and requirements through our system maintenance.