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Criminals and fraudsters are operating all around us. Here are some articles on how to protect yourself.

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Free parking in NHS car parks for those in greatest of need

For those who may have missed it see the following about parking in hospitals it may apply to you or your relatives. This is the full wording from the queens speech… “The Government will deliver its commitment to providing free hospital parking for those in greatest need. The Government will prioritise and carefully define those …

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5 reasons why you should have CCTV in your home or business during Christmas

During Christmas there is a proportional increase in crime, more specifically robberies and personal larceny which show a measurable increase during the Christmas and holiday periods. This is since during these periods family’s leave their home and companies close for periods of time. This opportunity of empty residences allows thieves to take advantage of people’s …

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ATM: Is it a criminal’s piggy bank?

Contactless technology will no doubt be a great help against ATM skimming, in which criminals steal personal information at ATM machines. Not having to insert a card into the ATM removes the opportunity to trap cards and gets around the problem of “foreign” devices being installed that can read your cards. It is suggested that …

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Security guard in retail

Abuse of Retail staff

A new survey, has found that on average retail staff workers are abused, threatened or assaulted on average 21 times a year. A survey of over 4,000 retail staff by shop workers’ union Usdaw, found that around two-thirds have experienced verbal abuse, while 41% were threatened by a customer and nearly 5% were assaulted. The …

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Construction Site Security

Crime Risk Management of Construction Sites

The days of putting temporary fencing or hoarding around a building site perimeter and calling it security it a forlorn hope and a grave miscalculation by building site project managers. Construction site managers should be taking a holistic view of the risks that apply to a building site and ensuring that everything is done to …

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The Elderly are more at risk of online fraud, due to their general lack of knowledge of the internet

Poor Service when Investigating Fraud

Interesting program on BBC Radio 4 last week which exposed the failures of the police and Insolvency Service for providing a very poor service in regard to the investigation of fraud. They gave an example of the case of Silvia Tuck who was a victim of fraud. A fraudster took her life’s savings. She tried …

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Pension Fraud

Thousands of Pension Frauds – successful and unsuccessful – are being committed every day, when individuals are deceived into handing large amounts of money to fraudsters. Many people lose their life savings often in the form of a ‘pension scheme’.  Pension schemes themselves can be a great way to save and I would not like …

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post code lottery scam

Postcode Lottery Scam

Police in Cheshire are urging Cheshire residents to be vigilant after three people in the area have been scammed out of thousands of pounds. An 81 year old from Macclesfield is the latest person to be conned out of more than £9,000 after getting a letter from the ‘International Postcode Lottery’. It follows an elderly …

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Cyber Crime

Phishing Emails The sender usually impersonates well known businesses or government departments. They are designed to entice or scare you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. Phishing emails usually contain malicious software, so being able to spot them is important to keeping your business safe Spot the fraud The email is unexpected …

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Security Planning

Those organisations that seek to secure valuable assets and protect their resources in today’s rapidly accelerating society, understand the need to take appropriate measures to ensure that what they have achieved is not lost or destroyed.  Those organisations will not fail to be sure that the security provision that they have engaged is able to …

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Fake TV Licensing emails

You are urged to beware of FAKE emails which appear to be from the TV Licensing Authority. The emails claim that TV Licensing have been trying to contact you regarding an over-payment and that due to invalid bank account details a credit was not possible. Victims are usually asked to click on a link to …

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Employee of the month

An example of commendable work by some of our officers May 2018 Daniel Hughes from WSR.  Dealt with fire risk at WSR extremely well.  Client praised his actions. March 2018 Earl Clark from Middlebrook.  Nominated by Owen.  Preventing theft store at Middlebrook Retail Park. December 2017 Kevin McGovern – Disarmed shoplifter trying to attack security with …

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