Covid-19 has presented new challenges for schools and higher education campuses trying to protect against criminal activity. So now is the time to be thinking about campus security.

Campus premises are empty and vulnerable to criminal activity ranging from graffiti attacks to serious arson offences.

This does present a variety of challenges for administrations. Most important is the basic principle of safeguarding students, staff, and faculty from possible threats.

Surveillance systems are an important aspect of security. But for the campus security to be effective you need an urgent response when an incident or potential incident is observed. 

An old saying that applies today is ‘prevention is better than the cure’. But prevention is not just the display of CCTV cameras or other technical aids.

It is being aware of the lead up to criminal activity, and the response that is available to deal with potential incidents quickly before they turn into something serious. 

Modern technology has the ability to seek out intruders and immediately alert the monitoring station operatives to the potential danger. Offsite alarm and CCTV monitoring can provide the early warning that is key to prevention.

Installing robust and innovative security technology for your campus security is also key. Manufacturers and integrators can meet the needs of educational facilities by embracing the convergence of security systems. 


  • But what about response, who is to respond and what arrangements are in place?
  • Is it safe or wise to arrange for a member of staff or the caretaker or site manager to attend premises where there could be potential danger?
  • The police don’t always have the resources to respond to minor criminal activity or potential incidents straight away, so what is the alternative?


Mobile response security is much more effective now and can respond directly and quickly to offsite monitored alerts. 

Getting there to deter the would-be offender is part of our first response facility. This includes getting the police on-site if we see the potential of serious criminal activity or a crime in action.  

It is a first response on-site account and a security officer does have the right to detain offenders if they have seen a crime being committed.

Educational administrators should be encouraged to assess the potential risk to their people and premises. 

Investing in campus security will safeguard against any criminal activity leading to disruption to the education of students.