What issues can occur

Property owners across the north west will tell you that security is essential for commercial and industry estates. Security guarding can really help you with problems from travellers living on your land to trespassers disrupting day to day activities of your company. These kind of problems occur regularly when owning or working on an estate, if not tackled head on it could have cause your commercial or industry estate to have some serious problems in protection. This includes things such as property damage, theft of valuables and harassment of staff.

These kind of problems can cause increased financial problems for company’s and also cause disruption to work flow. If unprohibited your company will find that day to day business is much harder than usual.

What to look for when hiring a security company

Hiring a security company can be a hard process as there are so many providers, however its important to check that they have the right accreditation’s and proper licencing from the correct government bodies. This includes having security guards which are SIA approved with each individual officer trained to SIA guidelines and qualifications. Other creditations include being registered with ASIS, ACS and ISO.

Another thing to check is testimonials and reviews which can tell you if the company is providing the quality they say they are. It also shows you the kind of clients they have dealt with in the past, giving reassurances that they can do the same for your company.

If you are interested in hiring some sort of security service check our many different services that we can tailor to your specifications.