An Narpo member (National Association of Retired Police Officers recently received a call to their landline purporting to be from Amazon (Amazon later confirmed they will never call a customer via a landline).

The caller spoke very poor English. She informed him that my Amazon Prime account (He doesn’t use Prime) was going to be auto renewed for £39.99.

He was then told to press one if I wished to unsubscribe, so I, perhaps foolishly, did so. The same voice then tried to get him to open his laptop. I told the caller he rarely uses the laptop but could open Amazon on my tablet. The caller then got quite angry and told me it must be his laptop and that what she wanted me to do to assist him and required him to be sat at his open laptop. By now he was beginning to smell a very large rat.

He told her she was a scammer and told her he was disconnecting the call and going to ring Amazons Legit Customer Services. he disconnected the call.

He then rang Amazon Customer services; they were very helpful. They said they would lock down his two accts for 48hrs and that they would monitor both accounts. And advise him the results of their investigations(?).

She confirmed they never ring customers on landline, and she confirmed Amazon only have my mobile number and email details. She also confirmed they never auto renew, and it is never renewed annually but by monthly subscriptions and that Prime does not cost 39.99. She advised him to keep an eye on his accounts via the bank which he did and luckily nothing seems to have happened. She said they are aware of this scam and 1000’s of other customers have been contacted in this fashion.

So be aware Amazon users.