I have got to say in my long history in policing and security there is one witness that is very hard to dismiss as irrelevant. That is the image from a good quality CCTV camera.

When incidents occur at you premises and you would like to know just what happened, you may be thinking, “if only we had CCTV cameras that monitored what took place, wouldn’t that be great”. Your right, high quality CCTV cameras strategically placed, can show you exactly what happens, inside or outside your building. They show you when it happened, how it happened and who was involved. Camera images are the best witness you could have available that was there at the time.  Even human eyewitnesses may not have the full picture, or their own opinions may distort it in some way. Cameras give you all what they see, and they don’t forget, or give an individual misguided perception. The images last for as long as you want them to and if it is a criminal event, they can provide convincing evidence.

I have seen on more than one occasion when a suspect is confronted with the images of a CCTV camera, they simply give in. Its undeniable. Add audio and 24 hour off site monitoring and it’s even better.

Most of the new quality CCTV cameras on the market now are marvellous. you can see was involved, you are able to act based on accurate information, provide evidence to support whatever action is taken and view images remotely on your own mobile phone.

Digital CCTV systems technology that can be installed almost anywhere by an experienced installation team can have them working surprisingly quickly.  The first thing the police seem to ask now when an incident happens is, “was there a camera on it” 

Cliff Unwin specialist in CCTV systems