What is CCTV remote monitoring?

When I ask people about CCTV remote monitoring, they mostly seem to have a vague idea of what it is but not really understanding its important advantages. So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain.

If you have CCTV installations at strategic locations around your premises, it may be that they are simply recording images that is seen by the CCTV cameras. This is great and can very effective in reviewing the recording after the event to find out what happened at a certain time of day or night that you are interested in.

The likelihood is that they are not being viewed live as the images occur, particularly if it is out of office hours.  If that is the case, why should you use remote off-site monitoring?

What happens if an incident occurs and the offenders are hooded or disguised or for some reason cannot be identified?  You may only find this out some time after the incident when you come to review the CCTV images and the offenders have gone. What happens if someone is being attacked or held under threat? if no one is viewing the CCTV monitor at that time? what happens if a burglar approaches your premises breaks in through a window or door spends time removing your goodies or causing serious damage like arson if the cameras is not being monitored live at the time?  It is simple, the offender is not deterred, identified, or detained and gets away with it.

It is clear to see that the benefits of offsite remote monitoring your CCTV can crucially change the situation totally. Criminals usually know how much time they can spend at the premises they intend to attack.  They will often test your systems first to see how long they have to commit the crime before they see a response.    

The main benefits of Remote monitoring CCTV.

One of the main benefits of remote monitoring CCTV is that as soon as there is movement on the site Images from each camera are instantly sent to the remote monitoring centre. CCTV images are triggered on the Monitoring centre and experience and skilled monitoring staff can see right away if someone is on site. This is likely to be before the offender has the opportunity to attack your building or do their dirty deed.

If the CCTV system is combined with audio, the offenders can be warned off and told the police are on their way, before they even touch your building or assets.  At the same time a security mobile can be sent post haste to your premises just in case they try to risk it.

Trained operators continually monitor CCTV camera images when sensors on the site are triggered. When a camera identifies activity, the operator can focus in on the picture to identify the necessary action required.

Integrating a CCTV remote monitoring system with a professionally managed security camera monitoring service provides security will provide 24/7 triggered observation for intruders.  In some situations, such as in shopping centres and public areas, cameras are monitored continuously to look out for any kind of public disturbance or suspicious activity.

The use of experienced and specially trained operatives to provide continuous live surveillance out of your CCTV images brings a multitude of financial and logistical benefits.