During Christmas there is a proportional increase in crime, more specifically robberies and personal larceny which show a measurable increase during the Christmas and holiday periods. This is since during these periods family’s leave their home and companies close for periods of time. This opportunity of empty residences allows thieves to take advantage of people’s absences to break in and steal personal effects and expensive items they can flog on easily.

Christmas can be a stressful time enough as it is, never mind having to potentially deal with the loss of personal items and the stress that comes with that. Not only this but claiming though insurance can be long and arduous process taking up more of your precious time.

Here is the main reason how CCTV reduces costs:

  • Can highlight Employee theft showing when, where and what is being taken.
  • Reduce insurance costs by showing video evidence of the situation which has affected you.
  • Workflow monitoring, this will keep employees on track and allows you to see if employees are behaving inappropriately.
  • Avoid false legal claims, if employees try and sue your company CCTV can show if the employee has precedence to sue.
  • Can produce Safer work environments for employees, by deterring intruders.

Let Uniqwin help you this Christmas by giving you at peace of mind and potentially save you time during the arduous process of insurance. Visit our CCTV camera monitoring page to find out more about CCTV installation and the means in which we can help you.