Construction Site Security

The days of putting temporary fencing or hoarding around a building site perimeter and calling it security it a forlorn hope and a grave miscalculation by building site project managers.

Construction site managers should be taking a holistic view of the risks that apply to a building site and ensuring that everything is done to mitigate them.

Construction sites are dangerous places for a variety of reasons and risk assessments must take into consideration the many crimes that can occur there as well as the physical safety of anyone who for any reason is on the site.

It is of course a prime target for theft, arson, criminal damage and very much so for insider crime.

It is not just the physical assets of the site that need protecting but also the people who work or visit there for any reason.

Investment in security must be part of the initial budgeting for the site, taking into consideration all aspects of the risk.  Investment in crime prevention rather than waiting for an insurance payout is taking a more responsible approach to the risk of the site.  Owners and site project managers have a duty of care to people on the sites well as their assets.

Providing a site with dedicated security personnel is a must for bolstering a construction site’s security.

CCTV and alarm systems are all very well, but it is a reactive process which fails to prevent or identify offenders. Offenders are now wise enough to have their face covered.  They will know how much time they have do dirty deeds and escape capture. On-site security personnel will be able to prevent theft, vandalism, and deter unauthorised personnel from entering the site as the risk for the offender being caught is greater. They can identify security or safety issues that can potentially arise and respond quickly to them.  Combined with technology they create a more realistic chance of crime prevention and reducing overall risk.

Crime risk assessment is not for amateurs. It should be carried out by professional crime risk consultants who can identify and report fully on the risks involved. It is critical that business owners and site project managers look at this professionally and facilitate for a full crime risk assessment that will help to identify both internal and external risks and to provide robust and effective measures to counter the risk.