Police in Cheshire are urging Cheshire residents to be vigilant after three people in the area have been scammed out of thousands of pounds.

An 81 year old from Macclesfield is the latest person to be conned out of more than £9,000 after getting a letter from the ‘International Postcode Lottery’.

It follows an elderly couple from Northwich being tricked by the same scam after receiving a letter in March this year claiming they had won a vast sum of cash.

The letters stated that they needed to call a specified number to claim the money and when they called, they were told they needed to pay a proportion of the tax for the money to be transferred to the UK.

They paid the money requested via cheques but never heard anything back.

Action Fraud and Cheshire Police have since confirmed the couple have not won an international lottery and are victims of an increasingly common scam that is being investigated nationally by City of London Police.

Since April 2018 to September 2018 there were 3,732 fraud offences reported in Cheshire, with the total amount of money lost by the victims being £8.3 million.

“Over the past two months we have had more than 800 Auction Fraud referrals regarding scams."