Book a security consultation with Cliff Unwin, our ASC registered Security Consultant
Book a security consultation with Cliff Unwin, our ASC registered Security Consultant

Those organisations that seek to secure valuable assets and protect their resources in today’s rapidly accelerating society, understand the need to take appropriate measures to ensure that what they have achieved is not lost or destroyed. 

Those organisations will not fail to be sure that the security provision that they have engaged is able to provide the appropriate response when the inevitable crisis occurs.  Is this you?

  • How can you be reasonably sure that your organisation has taken sufficient steps to reduce your security risk to the minimum? 
  • How do you know that the company who provides your security services have the management skills, abilities and wherewithal to take on the challenges and provide you with the defences you require? 

Many organisations fail themselves by looking at the security of their assets and resources in a piecemeal way. 

They may ask a security product provider for a particular security product such as CCTV coverage, a different provider for guards and someone else for perimeter fencing etc.   This so easily fails to provide appropriate planned protection.

The security of organisations assets and resources should be examined as a whole to achieve the best result, with various items complimenting the others working together to get the best results.

The best way to achieve this is to obtain a full professional security audit and assessment of your security needs taking into account exactly what you want to protect and identifying the likely dangers that your organisation is facing.  To do this it requires a properly qualified Security Consultant, preferably one that is a member of the Association of Security Consultants (ASC.)  Such a person can provide you with an independent security audit from the outset and is likely to save your organisation money in that you would not need to purchase needless items.

Companies can so easily invest in unnecessary protection the need for which can be duplicated in different ways.  

Naturally some companies are out to sell you whatever you are willing to buy whether you really need it.  You need advice from a professional who is not necessarily influenced by selling you their products or who claims to have the knowledge and skills required but is sadly lacking or only specific to one area.  You may have a security manager in your organisation who is also there to advise you but is he kept up to speed through having the best advice? 

Security Consultants must keep up to date with new developments in the industry, new crime initiatives, new architectural design. 

Being one jump ahead of the criminal isn’t good enough, you need to be way ahead, review and change is always necessary, keeping up with developments and being well ahead is vital.  Most clients only come for advice when then they have had a major breach in security, when it is too late.

Security planning needs to be a managed; it’s a process of development. 

Your security plan should include all aspects of security.  You need to generate a culture of security in your organisation with a shrewd awareness of security needs.  Employees will not pay attention to security if the management have no true regard for it.

Security is not a cost centre, but it is a service that can improve profit by reducing your losses; ignore it at your peril.

Looking for low budget products and services for security can produce painful mistakes.   This can be particularly important in regard to man guarding.  Some security companies pay their guards very low pay in order to quote the lowest price to obtain a contract.  In these days of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensing, good security guards will not work for poor wages they go to the highest bidder.  The highest bidder has a selection of the better guards to choose from.  Inevitably those security companies who pay low wages may get poor quality security officers.

High quality security officers need more than basic SIA training to be properly effective. 

SIA training does not provide many of the specialist skills that a good security officer should have; and that will depend very much on what their role is in your organisation. 

More important is the quality of the management of the security company provider.  You should know their background and how qualified and experienced they are.  They will be responsible for ensuring that security officers comply with appropriate policy and procedures particularly those set by the SIA and the British Standards Institute.  

The quality of a security company can be usefully assessed, although not guaranteed, by seeing what they have achieved by way of accreditation.

The best accreditation of a security guarding company is that set by the SIA standard of ‘Approved Contractor Status’ (ACS).  Some companies have managed to achieve the ACS standard by the fast track method based on previous accreditations of various sorts.  These have not been through the full stringent assessment of the ACS and do not have to do so until approval must be renewed.  Some are finding this difficult to achieve and therefore fail.  It is important to know where your security supplier stands in this. 

Remember that poor quality security guards can be worse than not having any at all.  It’s all too easy to become complacent by believing that your security guards are effective when in fact they could be a disaster when it comes to the crunch.  Why not have them tested?

Good security guarding has to be well managed and supervised by their own security company who should know exactly what is required.  Without this it is like having a boat without a rudder.

In conclusion, without a Security Plan:

  • You are failing to plan – this could mean unforeseen future problems
  • You won’t know what risks you are taking and consequently you are exposed
  • You will not have a ‘joined up’ security policy which means you could have ‘holes’ or weaknesses or vulnerabilities or, alternatively, you have ‘over-bought’ and are not getting value for money
  • You are letting criminals get one step ahead.

You can put your situation on the right track, please call our ASC registered Security Consultant, Cliff Unwin, for a no obligation conversation.  You can reach him on 01925 286 102 or email him on

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