UNIQWIN: Professional
Security Services for the UK

Local security services, tailor-made for your organisation

UNIQWIN is a leading provider of private and public security services in the UK. We have over 20 years’ experience providing tailored security solutions for our clients.

We’re the experts in security and are SIA accredited. We supply the highest standard security guards, trained to use the latest technology and keen to impress our clients. Our team has the expertise to provide in-depth risk assessments and develop security plans that will keep people safe, protect your business and deter criminal behaviour.

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Industry focused

We believe in providing the right services for your organisation. Find out what we can do for you

SIA approved
Client focused with tailored services
Operate across the UK
Security system design and monitoring
Static & mobile guards
Personnel outsourcing

Drawing on over 20 years' experience in the security & facilities industries, UNIQWIN have the knowledge and experience to provide every client - regardless of industry - with a modern, bespoke solution

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